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HEAL Newsflash - February 2013

HEAL announces entries for ’’Health and Environment Film Prize’’

HEAL will be awarding a prize for the best health and environment documentary at the 30th International Environmental Film Festival taking place from 19-26 February in Paris. The winner will be awarded with the HEAL/FIFE trophy and receive 5,000 Euros at a ceremony on 26 February. Read more...

Health groups disappointment on EP noise vote

The majority of MEPs regrettably put the interest of noisy car makers ahead of their constituencies’ health, despite solid evidence on how current noise levels in Europe harm our health. Health groups including HEAL and EPHA and sustainable transport group Transport and Environment (T&E) all expressed their disappointment. Read more...

Second EEA ’Late Lessons’ report draws on environmental health concerns

HEAL welcomes an important report published by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) which highlights how action on early warning signs may be justified – and even act as a driver for innovation. Read more...

HEAL welcomes Parliament vote on endocrine disruptors

On 23 January, the EP Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety voted a draft Resolution, sending a clear message to the European Commission to act promptly to protect public health from endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Read more...

Early-life prevention of chronic diseases

For the first time, a leading international health journal, The Lancet, featured the need to address early-life and toxic exposures to metals, chemicals and air pollution to help prevent non-communicable diseases. This commentary article was led by a group of scientists and leading health and environmental spokespeople, including Genon Jensen, Executive Director of HEAL. Read more...

France bans BPA in food packaging

France is now another country which has taken action to reduce exposure to endocrine disrupters. HEAL member Reseau Environnement Santé (RES) and partner La Mutuelle Familiale, a French public health insurer commend this historic vote to ban BPA in food packaging. Read more...

Cutting soot mitigates climate change more than previously thought

Black carbon - otherwise known as soot - has been ranked as the second-largest contributor to climate change, exerting twice as much of an impact as previously thought, according to a new UN sponsored analysis. Cutting soot emissions would have significant benefits for public health and the climate. Read more...

Air pollution ranked as top health risk factor in Europe

The new Global Burden of Disease (GBD) assessment, released in a special issue of the leading British medical journal, The Lancet showed that outdoor air quality has been recognised as a top level risk for public health. Read more...

EU Year of Air: strengthening EU legislation to reduce health impacts from air pollution

The 2013 EU Year of Air provides great opportunities to improve public health as the Commission gears up to review EU air legislation and put forward new proposals later this year. HEAL and other stakeholders discussed what needs to be done at an international conference organised by the European Commission (EC), World Health Organisation (WHO) and the US Health Effects Institute. Read more...

Indoor air quality: launch of EU health-based ventilation guidelines

On 20 February, the HealthVent consortium will launch health-based ventilation guidelines for Europe. At the event in the EP, participants will also discuss the significance of ventilation guidelines for EU policies on health, air quality, energy, eco-design and buildings and consumer products. Read more...

New Eurobarometer: Attitudes of Europeans towards air quality

Europeans are increasingly concerned about air pollution in their countries. A recent Eurobarometer survey carried out by the European Commission highlights the views of the European public on matters of air quality and air pollution. Read more...

Global mercury treaty would make Europe’s children brainer

HEAL welcomes a recent scientific assessment published in Environmental Health which highlights how preventing people’s exposure to mercury in the environment could save the European Union (EU) €8-9 billion per year by protecting children’s brain development. Read more...

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  • 3 - 6 March - Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Environmental Health 2012 Conference - More information here
  • 15 March - Sheffield, UK: Conference - Carcinogens in the workplace - More information here
  • 15-16 March - São Paulo, Brazil: 3rd International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society - More information here
  • 19 - 20 March - Aronsborg, Balsta: IEE 4th Scientific meeting ’One Health-Cooperation and Vision’ - More information here
  • 20-30 March – Global: Pesticide Action Week - More information here
  • 23 - 24 March - Paris, France: De l’indignation à l’engagement: la santé environnement: un vrai enjeu? - More information here


  • 28 - 31 May - Copenhagen, Denmark: COW 2013 7th Copenhagen Workshop on EDCs ’Human Environment, Lifestyle, and Genes in Endocrine Disruption’ - More information here

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Originally posted on 8 February 2013

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