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HEAL Newsflash - December 2013

WHO third meeting of the European Environment and Health Task Force (EHTF)

On 10 – 11 December the WHO EHFT met in Brussels to discuss the links of the environment and health process (EHP) beyond Parma and Health 2020 with a particular focus on the relation to sustainable development and the time bound goals to protect children’s health. Read more...

A healthy environment for a good quality of life: Green 10 EP Manifesto

The Green10 of which HEAL is a member has prepared its top ten demands for the 2014 European Parliament elections which take place from 22 -25 May next year. Read more...

HEAL engages with German science journalists at annual forum

HEAL’s German Chemicals Health Monitor project launched new materials in German and hosted a stand at the Wissenswerte 2013 annual conference of science journalists in Bremen, Germany. Read more...

CHE call: Chemical Brain Drain: A Conversation with Philippe Grandjean

On 3 December HEAL’s Senior Advisor took part in an insightful conversation with Dr. Grandjean, discussing the impact of chemical exposures on the brain, known as the ‘Chemical Brain Drain’. Read more...

NGO platform: Time for EU to act on endocrine disruptors

HEALer Lisette van Vliet recently commented on the delay of the EU strategy on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in a briefing by Chemical Watch. Read more...

HEAL reacts to fracking and EDCs link

New evidence published yesterday has prompted renewed calls from HEAL for the EU environmental impact assessment to address shale gas fracking in Europe. Read more...

French agricultural engineering students learn about HEAL’s work

Last month, HEAL was invited to present its work to a group of final year agricultural engineering students from Rennes, France. The students were particularly interested in the pesticides and chemicals work by HEAL and the relationship with the EU Institutions. Read more…

PAN Europe at joint symposium: ’Yes we can feed Europe using less pesticides’

On 5 December HEAL member Pesticides Action Network Europe (PAN-E) co-hosted a joint symposium in the European Parliament to discuss the possibilities to feed Europe with less pesticides. Read more...

UK parliament urged to recognise health costs of coal

On 2 December HEAL released new figures on health impacts in the UK associated with air pollution from coal-fired power plants. The timing of the release coincided with an important debate on the future of coal power generation in the House of Commons on 4 December. Yet, the amendment which would have forced an earlier closure of highly polluting, old coal power plants and which had the support of the House of Lords was defeated. Read more…

External health cost of coal power plants presented at conference in Lubin, Poland

HEAL’s coal and health adviser in Poland recently participated at a conference in Lubin focusing his presentation on the external health costs of coal power plants in Poland. Read more...

Environmental revolution initiated by health study in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Last month the Center for Ecology and Energy (CEE) organised the presentation of a study on the health impacts of coal fired power generation in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is estimated that health impacts here are valued at €99 million/year. Read more...

HEAL’s Unpaid Health Bill launched in Romania

On 9 December HEAL launched the Romanian version of The Unpaid Health Bill at a press briefing in Bucharest. HEAL’s report shows that annual health costs due to coal pollution in Romania are the second highest in EU at 6.4 billion EUR. Read more...

Giant inflatable lungs make their way to European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg

On 10 December fifteen MEPs held a giant pair of inflatable lungs calling on the EU Commission to propose its air package before the end of the European Year of Air. A banner with the slogan ‘our lungs are in your hands’ was addressed to all 28 EU Commissioners. The Air Package is due out on 18 December. Read more...

Breakfast briefing on lung health in Europe

On 10 December HEAL spoke at a briefing co-organised by the European Voice and the European Respiratory Society (ERS). On this occasions ERS and the European Lung Foundation launched a White Book ‘Lung health in Europe Facts & Figures’. Read more...

Polish study underlines need for reduced air pollution to protect children’s health

Medical research findings published in Pediatrics journal underline the need for a phase out of the use of coal on health grounds in Poland and elsewhere. The study by a team of Polish and US researchers in Krakow shows a significant negative impact of air pollution on children’s health over a 13 year period. Read more...

Lancet research - Air pollution kills, even at guideline levels

A study published in The Lancet this month confirmed that current EU air quality legislation is far from sufficient to protect Europeans’ health. The study estimates that for every 5 micrograms per cubic metre increase in annual exposure to fine-particle pollution, the risk of dying rises by 7 percent. Read more...

Members’ news

Events 2014


  • 28 - Brussels, Belgium: Presentation of project: ’Training for health care professionals in environmental and health medicine’
    More information available on request - please email


  • 4 - World Cancer Day
  • 4 - 11 - Paris, France: 31st FIFE film festival
    More information available here


  • 1 – 2, Munich, Germany - ERS Research seminar on protein quality control in lung disease. Organisers: Silke Meiners and Catherine Greene
    More information available here


  • 10 – 12, Barcelona, Spain - ERS Seminar ‘The many faces of stem cells in respiratory diseases’. Organisers: Melanie Koenigshoff and Antje Prasse
    More information available here


  • 25 – 27, Boston, USA - INCHES conference on children’s health and the environment combined with the 4th PPTox meeting
    More information available soon from here

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  • @ERSTalk @EuropeanLung @EFA_Patients Giant inflatable lungs in @EuropeanVoiceEV - ’Last-gasp plans for air quality’
  • EU #coal use declines 8% in first half of 2013. So much for the renaissance
  • @bmj_latest Immediate release of air package needed.420,000 European still dying earlier each year from #airpollution
  • MT @doug_parr #HouseofCommons votes 318 to 236 not to restict #coal.Bad news for climate change,air pollution & people’s #health #cough4coal
  • ’Envying an Environment NGO’ Thanks to Dr. Grandjean for his kind words our 10th anniversary this year!

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