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HEAL Newsflash - April 2016

HEAL’s view on the Parliament resolution on glyphosate The recent EP resolution on glyphosate re-approval clearly told the Commission that it has overstepped its powers with its recent proposal. The non legally-binding resolution recommends some important use limitations such as removing it from public areas, and from sale to private individuals. It also calls for strict limits on pre-harvest use, and no use where integrated pest management is adequate for weed control. Read more…

Film on electromagnetic fields awarded at International Festival of Environmental Films (FIFE) This year’s winners at FIFE included a short film “Quiet zone” on what it feels like to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF). This year’s festival took place from 5 – 12 April in Paris, and as in previous years, HEAL was a partner of the event. Read more…

Commission and Member States ignore concerns on DEHP in recycled goods
HEAL is disappointed at the EU REACH Committee’s decision to grant EDC phthalate DEHP the green light for use in recycled PVC goods like vinyl flooring. Prior to the vote, HEAL joined a multi-NGO open letter urging its rejection, stating that this authorisation undermines REACH’s aim to replace toxic substances with safer alternatives. The letter also covers BPA in thermal paper. Read more…

Two third of food can linings contain BPA
HEAL welcomes a recent report by six North American non-profit organisations following the testing of nearly 200 food cans for the toxic chemical, Bisphenol A, which was found in the lining of two out of three cans. The report shows that food packaging industries are barely moving when it comes to eliminating BPA from food cans in the USA. Read more…

Women’s reproductive problems from EDCs cost Europe 1.4 billion Euros per year
A recent study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism on two common female reproductive health problems attributable to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) identifies costs of 1.4 billion Euros for Europe annually. Read more…

Endocrine Society 2016 awards recognise outstanding scientists
Four scientists have received an “Outstanding Public Service Award” 2016 from the Endocrine Society for raising global awareness of the health effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Read more…

Glyphosate – Commissioner request for publication of confidential industry studies
Several environment and health organisations including HEAL recently sent a letter to the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis on his request for publication of confidential industry studies. Read more…

Pesticide-free towns
In 2009 EU Member States approved the Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUDP). HEAL member PAN Europe has now initiated a project to highlight the growing movement of cities and towns going pesticide-free. Read more…

Victims of pesticides testify and appear on map of France
Générations Futures launched a new interactive map in France, ’’Victimes des Pesticides’’ where individuals can share their stories and health concerns on being exposure to pesticides. Supported by HEAL and PAN Europe as partners, it brings together over 200 testimonies from professional users and residential by standers. Read more…

Call for higher ambition ahead of signing of Paris Agreement
Today, over 150 countries will sign the Paris Agreement, keeping the momentum on climate action. HEAL and the members of the Coalition for Higher Ambition urged EU Heads of State and governments to continue to show leadership as they were setting off to New York. Read more…

German doctors calling for divestment from fossil fuels
Following the examples of several international medical groups, a coalition of German doctors now calls for the divestment of doctor’s pension funds. Read more…

UK Health Alliance on climate change
HEAL welcomes the setup of the new UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, which aims to encourage better approaches to tackling climate change that protect and promote public health, whilst also reducing the burden on health services. Read more…

NCD and climate change – shared opportunities for action
Today, over 150 countries will sign the Paris Agreement, keeping the momentum on climate action. HEAL and the members of the Coalition for Higher Ambition urged EU Heads of State and governments to continue to show leadership as they were setting off to New York. Read more…

HEAL responds to Serbian Minister of Energy on Unpaid Health Bill report
The Serbian Minister of Energy questioned HEAL’s evidence on the huge health costs associated with air pollution from coal power plants in Serbia, as part of an assessment for the Western Balkans. HEAL reacted with an open letter how coal power plants make us sick. Read more…

HEAL in Poland on air quality and renewable energy sources
Last month HEAL in Poland spoke at two important events on health impacts of air pollution, benefits of healthy energy solutions and the high importance of renewable energy developments. Poland is a country where almost 90 percent of electricity still come from coal. Read more…

Members’ news

- INCHES – 8th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment

- EFA – Test your allergies in the European Parliament

- Natural England – Is it nice outside? Consulting people living with dementia and their carers about engaging with the natural environment

- IBFAN – Report on carbon footprint due to milk formula

- Generations Futures - Initiatives for promoting healthy and accessible food awarded in France

- Foundation Alborada - Pesticide Action Week and Glyphosate in Madrid

- EPHA - Public health concerns on regulatory cooperation in TTIP


- The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants in the Western Balkans make us sick

- Evaluation of studies that quantified socio-economic costs of EDC-associated health effects (HEAL as reviewer)

Events 2016


- 17-19, Berlin, Germany: 2nd International Conference on Human Biomonitoring

- 20: CHE EDC Strategies Group call: Increasing trends in male reproductive disorders, environmental exposure & implications for human health

- 21: Earth Day

- 25, New York, USA: Next round of TTIP negotiations begin

- 27: World Day for Safety and Health at work

- 28: CHE & HEAL partnership call: Glyphosate - The increasing use of GBHs worldwide and implications for human health

- 28, EP, Brussels, Belgium: EFA event on Adolescents Adherence to Asthma treatment


- 4 - 16: Fossil free week of action

- 6: World Asthma Day

- 25: Start of European week against cancer


- 5: World Environment Day

- 8 - 9, Brussels, Belgium: EC workshop for a ’roadmap to a non-toxic environment’

Take Action

- WeMove.EU - Petition to EU to ban glyphosate

- Climate change calls to action

- Keep up to date with EDC-Free Europe news!

HEAL in the media

- Endocrine disruptors’ link to infertility confirmed, Euractiv, 11 April 2016

- Perturbateurs endocriniens, nos vies sont-elles empoisonnées? (EDCs, Are our lives poisoned?) France 2 TV, 7 April 2016

- Campbell’s soup cans to drop hormone-mimicking chemical, The Guardian, 1 April 2016

- Coal Pollution Costs Western Balkans Dearly, Truthdig, 17 March 2016

HEAL tweets
- #Health Commissioner @V_Andriukaitis asks #Glyphosate firms to publish secret studies given to @EFSA_EU
- Top #cancer experts say #glyphosate is a problem, EFSA says it’s not. Who do you believe?
- $1tn could be wasted on ’unneeded’ new #coal plants, report warns @dpcarrington #endcoal

Last updated on 26 April 2016

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