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No More BPA Campaign launched in UK and France

On December 1st a dual campaign was launched in the UK and France to ban the use of the toxic chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby bottles as there is increasing evidence and concern of risks to health posed by BPA.

HEAL members, Breast Cancer UK and Réseau Environnement Santé (RES) met during the October HEAL annual general meeting, and launched the campaign at the beginning of December in the UK and France.

BPA is widely used in plastics and has been a growing concern for scientists in many countries and has been banned in Canada. You can read more about BPA on the Chemicals Health Monitor website

UK campaign

The No More BPA Campaign, run by Breast Cancer UK, is calling for the UK Government to take action to end the use of BPA in baby bottles sold in the UK. This call is backed by NCT (formerly National Childbirth Trust), UNISON, The Women’s Environmental Network, the Cancer Prevention and Education Society and CHEM Trust.

In a nationwide UK public opinion poll, released by Breast Cancer UK, of more than 2000 UK adults, 79% said ‘that it is important that the UK Government acts in a precautionary way when it comes to protecting babies and very young children from BPA’. While 61% of the public think that the UK Government should ‘act to end the use of BPA in baby bottles’ while only 10% think the Government ‘should follow the current Food Standards Agency guidelines and leave things as they are’.

An influential group of UK scientists, have also written to the UK Secretary of State for Health urging him to ‘to adopt a standpoint consistent with the approach taken by other Governments who have ended the use of BPA in food contact products marketed at children’.

The launch of the campaign received huge coverage by both broadcast and print media in the UK and internationally. No More BPA Campaign –

French campaign

The campaign in France was launched at a well attended press conference in the Assemblee Nationale in Paris. Delegates heard from Gerard Bapt, Mayor of the municipality of Saint Jean in the south west department of France, Haute-Garonne. Mayor Bapt announced his decision to ban BPA in drinks bottles within the municipality of Saint-Jean. Mayor Bapt revealed that the regional government of Haute-Garonne had asked him to remove the ban but he had insisted that it be kept in place saying: “The scientific evidence published in the last 6 months on BPA confirms the toxicity of this chemical substance and calls for a ban of the substance on food packaging”.

Also speaking at the conference, Andre Cicolella from RES presented his recent detailed review of the latest scientific studies on BPA. The work highlights many new studies that indicate the threats to health posed by BPA. In particular he revealed a study showing the link between BPA exposure in pregnant women and effects on behavior of their children at 2 years old. Andre’s review is currently only available in French but will also be available in English soon.

As part of the campaign, RES have translated the excellent short film made by BCUK on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and breast cancer. You can watch the film in French here.

Full report on the Paris press conference

Last updated on 8 June 2011

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