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EFA – Successful allergy testing in the European Parliament

With 150 million Europeans currently affected by allergy and estimations alerting that by 2025 half of the European population will suffer from them, the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Disease Patients’ Association (EFA) have helped the Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma bring the reality of allergy and asthma patients to the European Parliament. In Europe, 30 million of children and adults under 45 live with asthma, 6 million of them suffer from severe symptoms.

Together with the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), EFA organised a three-day exhibition “Test your allergies 2016, Test, Inform, Prevent” hosted by MEP Mr Borrelli (EFDD, Italy) with the support of MEP Mrs Pietikainen (EPP, Finland) and MEP Mrs Childers (S&D, Ireland). HEAL (shown right) supported this initiative by taking part in the allergy testing and sharing on social media.

The exhibition, presented 13 pictures of allergy and asthma patients and healthcare professionals to show and underline the burden allergies pose to patients in daily life and how healthcare professionals are working to support them. Allergy is far more than huffing and sneezing for a couple of weeks’ time during the pollen season. It is a serious chronic disease that affects early in life and therefore imposes a high burden on healthcare systems, the society, and especially patients and their families.

A team of medical doctors performed a skin-prick test to visitors that had an interest in testing their allergies. More than 600 people at the European Parliament were tested, including several MEPs. The exhibition was opened by a policy discussion on the need to tackle allergy in the framework of the EU and global actions on chronic diseases.

Photos are available here

The Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma is a group of Members of the European Parliament committed to end allergy and asthma in Europe and ease the lives of people with allergy and asthma.

To know more about allergies, please visit the EFA Get Advice page.

Originally posted on 26 May 2016

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