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Here is the latest news on health and environmental issues from our diverse group of members.

The following is a chronological list starting with the most recent – you can also explore a specific subject area by using the search field.

Date Title
28/05/2018 Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) - Join a UK revolution for healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products
28/05/2018 RES (Réseau Environnement Santé) - Book release – Endocrine disruptors in charge, prostate cancer and male reproduction
28/05/2018 PAN Europe - Register now for a conference on inspiring citizen-driven actions for nature-based cities – 8 June
28/05/2018 ISDE Italy - Launch of new national campaign on climate and health
28/05/2018 Générations Futures - Petition: France must respect its commitment to ban glyphosate by 2020
28/05/2018 Générations Futures - New brochure for bystanders exposed to pesticides
03/04/2018 RES (Réseau Environnement Santé) - Event on 20 March 2018 in Poitiers on EDCs and water
03/04/2018 PAN Europe - Joint PAN Europe and Ecologistas en Acción report reveals presence of 47 pesticides in Spanish rivers
03/04/2018 PAN Europe - 10 cities from Italy join European Network of Pesticide Free Towns
03/04/2018 Générations Futures - Residues of pesticides found in fruits and vegetables in France
03/04/2018 EFA (European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations) - 230 health organisations ask the EU for more health action. Sign the petition to add your voice
03/04/2018 EFA (European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations) - EFA launches Atopic Eczema working group
03/04/2018 Breast Cancer UK - New study to investigate bisphenol links to breast cancer
20/03/2018 Générations Futures - Join us for Pesticide Action Network 2018!
31/01/2018 WECF International - “What has gender got to do with chemicals” documentary gets broadcasted on Nigerian international television
31/01/2018 WECF France - First edition of “Design-moi un jouet” contest: two teams of design students awarded for creating healthy toys
31/01/2018 WECF International - Gender, Chemicals and Waste high level event in Abuja, Nigeria
31/01/2018 INCHES - Invitation for 9th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment
31/01/2018 RES (Réseau Environnement Santé) - Paris leads the way by signing “Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Free Cities” charter
31/01/2018 FNE (France Nature Environnement) - After cars, trucks are the new diesel scandal
31/01/2018 IBFAN - Latest news on contaminants in baby food
31/01/2018 EFA (European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations) - Our own homes are making us sick: Energy efficiency is part of the cure
31/01/2018 AIM (Association Internationale de la Mutualité) - AIM publishes position on the EU initiative to limit industrial trans fats intakes in Europe
29/11/2017 European Lung Foundation - Could your workplace be affecting your lung health? New European Lung Foundation quiz
29/11/2017 ALHem - New “Toxic cash receipts” campaign to highlight presence of Bisphenol A in thermal paper
27/09/2017 International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) - Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and the battle to ban them
27/09/2017 MedAct - New report and toolkit on hospitals and sustainable food
27/09/2017 European Lung Foundation (ELF) - Healthy Lungs for Life campaign launched in Milan
19/09/2017 Breast Cancer Prevention Week 18 to 24 September 2017
29/06/2017 EFA – Join the call to action on allergy and asthma
29/06/2017 ALHem – ALHem participates in a medical education course on Endocrine Disruptors and Reproductive Health in Belgrade, Serbia
29/06/2017 Breast Cancer UK – New pregnancy advice guide ‘Protect Your Baby’s Health’
04/05/2017 Fundacion Alborada – Spain consumes the most pesticides in Europe
13/04/2017 "Cobayes Squad” – Generations Cobayes launches online YouTube series covering health and environment
28/02/2017 PAN Europe - 5th Annual Symposium on the sustainable use directive on pesticides
19/12/2016 HEAL attends Healthy Planet Better World Forum by new member MedAct
19/12/2016 AWWHE – Lead paints for household use in the Republic of Armenia
28/10/2016 PAN Europe supports the Monsanto Tribunal
28/10/2016 RES – Lecture in Belgium on ending the breast cancer epidemic and Breast cancer book review
28/10/2016 Alliance for Cancer Prevention - Why are we still ignoring the elephant in the room?
28/10/2016 WECF International – One step towards a safer blood bag
28/10/2016 Alliance for Cancer Prevention - Book reading of ‘So Much to Be Done’
28/10/2016 Breast Cancer UK – Santa Fun Run!
28/10/2016 WEMOS –1000 Days of Plastic and radio interview for Dutch program EenVandaag
27/09/2016 Community Hygiene Concern - EDCs in treatment for head lice
27/09/2016 IBFAN - Focus on the Sustainable Development Goals for World Breastfeeding Week 2016
27/09/2016 WEMOS – Seminar on EDCs
27/09/2016 Generations Cobayes – Evaluating aspirations of young people
27/09/2016 ERS – International congress 2016
27/09/2016 RES – New book on how to end the breast cancer epidemic
27/07/2016 AIM - Letter sent to Commissioner Malmström on TTIP with ESIP
27/07/2016 AWHHE - OSCE Office in Yerevan presents awards to best women entrepreneurs in Armenia
01/07/2016 Fundacion Alborada - Snowflake: The new documentary about Chemical Sensitivity
01/07/2016 Generations Futures – 669, 102 signatures to stop neonicotinoid pesticides
01/07/2016 Générations Cobayes new campaign, and two books!
01/07/2016 AIM – Position on health promotion and disease prevention
01/07/2016 BCUK - #DitchTheJunk and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals
01/07/2016 Inter Environnement Wallonie - Wallonia on its way to ban glyphosate
01/07/2016 France Nature Environnement – Eliminating food waste
01/07/2016 Initiativ Liewensufank – Activities over the past months
26/05/2016 EFA – Successful allergy testing in the European Parliament
26/05/2016 AWHHE – Protecting women from EDCs
26/05/2016 FNE – Brussels should bury this herbicide
26/05/2016 BCUK – Become an ambassador to spread the breast cancer prevention message
22/04/2016 INCHES – 8th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment
22/04/2016 Natural England - Is it nice outside? Consulting people living with dementia and their carers about engaging with the natural environment
22/04/2016 IBFAN – Report on carbon footprint due to milk formula
22/04/2016 EFA – Discussions with the Dutch Presidency of the EU
22/04/2016 Generations Futures – Initiatives for promoting healthy and accessible food awarded in France
22/04/2016 Foundation Alborada - Pesticide Action Week and Glyphosate in Madrid
17/03/2016 Save the date! EPHA 2016 Annual Conference
16/03/2016 EFA - Test Your Allergies at the European Parliament
16/03/2016 Glyphosate re-authorisation: NGOs join forces to demand legal action for fraud against Monsanto, BfR and EFSA
16/03/2016 WECF - Women Call For Better Protection From Hazardous Chemicals Worldwide
16/03/2016 Breast Cancer UK - BPA ’Presumed’ Reproductive Toxicant
23/02/2016 WECF issues survey on over 340 baby cosmetics
23/02/2016 Generations Cobayes - Launches Eco-Orgasm Box for Valentines’ Day
23/02/2016 Generations Future and Phyto Victims – French TV documentary “Chemicals: our children in danger”
27/01/2016 Breast Cancer UK – Detox your life and new postcards on breast cancer
27/01/2016 Natural England and LSHTM – Health and climate change impacts: Report card 2015
27/01/2016 WEN – Petition for ban on plastic microbeads used in cosmetic products in the UK
17/12/2015 Generations Cobayes – Activities at COP21
16/12/2015 Generations Futures - International Monsanto Tribunal
16/12/2015 One Health Sweden – One of our recent speakers just received an award!
16/12/2015 Foundation Alborada – Free course and webinars on EDCs
16/12/2015 Generations Futures - A French prize for a healthy diet and quality food for all
23/11/2015 ABCF - Let’s HEAL the environment
23/11/2015 ERS/ELF - Healthy Lungs for Life – Take the active option
23/11/2015 One Health Sweden - Thematic day on Zoonotic infections
23/11/2015 WECF - Flame retardants in consumer products remain a hot topic for environmental
23/11/2015 Alborada Foundation – EDCs in Madrid - A message for politicians
23/11/2015 AWHHE - Global Lead Paint Elimination Campaigner
23/11/2015 Generations Future – Pesticide Action week 2016
23/11/2015 EFA and EPHA - World COPD Day
23/11/2015 Générations Cobayes - Linking alternative food systems and health / European Civic Days 2015
16/10/2015 Generations Cobayes – Linking water, climate, food security and health in Montreal on the road to Paris
15/10/2015 ERS - New articles on air pollution and health in view of upcoming EP vote
15/10/2015 Générations Futures - International conference: Assessment and regulation of GMOs and pesticides
15/10/2015 European Lung Health – Take the active option for better lung health
15/10/2015 BCUK - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
17/09/2015 Environment and Health Fund – Breast Cancer and the Environment Conference
17/09/2015 Fundacion Alborada – New documentary about Chemical Sensitivity
17/09/2015 Breast Cancer UK - New handbag guide to harmful chemicals found in everyday products
17/09/2015 Generations Cobayes – World Water Week in Stockholm
17/09/2015 EPHA – Annual conference
17/09/2015 ERS – Final meeting of ACCEPTED research project, 23 October 2015
16/09/2015 Generations Cobayes – Summer Action on Festivals
13/07/2015 C2DS – 4th guide on sustainable development and best practices in healthcare
13/07/2015 WEN – ‘Endocrination’ film screening in London
13/07/2015 EUROPAEM - Invitation to a workshop in the Federal Environment Agency
13/07/2015 ELF - Air pollution increases child hospital admissions for lung conditions
13/07/2015 EFA - More Europeans allergic to pollen if no measure is taken to reduce exposure
13/07/2015 ERS – Roundtable on lung cancer in Europe
13/07/2015 EPHA – Public Health Omitted From Trade Policy Day - Key Public Health Demands
13/07/2015 Initiativ Liewensufank - IBFAN Publication on climate change and health
13/07/2015 Alliance for Cancer Prevention – Open letter to Breast Cancer Now
13/07/2015 Fundación Alborada – International experts make statement on environmental health
09/06/2015 LSHTM – Divestment from coal companies
09/06/2015 RES – End to EDCs – it’s possible!
09/06/2015 AWHHE - Through Toxic-Free Products to Healthy Generation
09/06/2015 ELF – Link between household air pollution and lung infections
09/06/2015 EFA - Four more MEPs support the EP Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma
09/06/2015 WECF – Film on EDCs and pregnant women
09/06/2015 WEN – What’s disrupting you? ‘Endocrination’ film screening in London
09/06/2015 ABCF – Book on Helen Muscat’s life
09/06/2015 IEW – ‘Be Planet’ launched
09/06/2015 ISDE – Call for ban of glyphosate
07/05/2015 EHF - Environment and Health Fund - Symposium on Agriculture and Environmental Health
06/05/2015 WECF France - Two members of Senate ask for better integration of environmental health in national health policy
06/05/2015 Générations Cobayes - The Tour de France of the eco-orgasm
06/05/2015 Alborada Foundation - VIII International Congress on Environmental Medicine
06/05/2015 Fundacion Vivosano – Survey of 101 food companies in Spain on the use of BPA
06/05/2015 IEW – The black book of fossil fuel energy
06/05/2015 One Health - The Nordic Council challenges the EU to combat antibiotic resistance
06/05/2015 Alliance for Cancer Prevention - International Workers Memorial Day
06/05/2015 ELF – Highlights work related risk factors for lung health
06/05/2015 PAN Europe/WECF - Letter to EU Commissioner for Ban of Two Cancer-Inducing Pesticides
06/05/2015 Breast Cancer UK – Ask your local candidates to pledge to prevent breast cancer
09/04/2015 EPHA - Searching for Europe’s ’added value’ for health
09/04/2015 EFA - European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma
09/04/2015 WECF – The Sustainable Nursery
09/04/2015 ELF - Air quality in nursing homes affecting lung health of residents
09/04/2015 Foundation Alborada - Why is organic food more “valuable”?
12/03/2015 One Health Sweden – Benefits of an overall One Health perspective in society
11/03/2015 EPHA – EU Parliament to bring on health concerns to European Semester
11/03/2015 Initiativ Lieuwensufank - Climate change discussed at recent executive board of the World Health Assembly
11/03/2015 ELF - Patient organisation interview: Lung Cancer Europe
11/03/2015 Générations Futures – New book on EDCs and the invisible threat
12/02/2015 INCHES - Impact of toxins on children
12/02/2015 Breast Cancer UK - Pregnancy guide on avoiding hazardous chemicals
12/02/2015 Stichting Ecobaby - Immunity and dioxins
12/02/2015 WECF – TV report on EDCs
12/02/2015 Alborada Foundation – Roundtable on EDCs and health costs
12/02/2015 EFA - French symposium on health impacts of allergies and environment at school
12/02/2015 ERS/ELF – Healthy Lungs for Life takes over the European Parliament
18/12/2014 WECF - EU Environment Council urged to target chemicals policy and non-toxic environment
18/12/2014 WECF - Call for integration of human rights in climate change regime
18/12/2014 Alliance for Cancer Prevention - From Pink to Prevention
18/12/2014 EFA – Air travel for patients requiring oxygen should be facilitated not hindered
18/12/2014 EPHA - Nina Renshaw joins EPHA as Secretary-General and new HEAL board member
18/12/2014 ELF/ERS - Kyrgyzstan hosts Healthy Lungs for Life project to highlight importance of air quality
17/12/2014 Environment and Health Fund – New publication ‘Environment and Health in Israel 2014’
14/11/2014 EPHA – Joint civil society consultation response on Europe 2020 Review
14/11/2014 AWHHE - Eight Women Strive for Health and Healthy Environment in Armenia
14/11/2014 Fundación Alborada – First training on Environmental Medicine at public hospital
14/11/2014 Klaipeda University – Lithuanian exhibition, EkoLOGIKA focuses on EDCs, personal health and well-being
14/11/2014 EFA – Visual identity online survey on asthma, allergy and COPD diseases
21/10/2014 ARTAC - Paris Appeal Congress
21/10/2014 EFA - Better food labelling is key to save lives from food allergy reactions in Europe
21/10/2014 Austrian Doctors for the Environment (ISDE Austria): New work on climate and EMF
21/10/2014 ELF - Successful first month for the Healthy Lungs for Life initiative
21/10/2014 WECF – Conference on breast cancer, reproductive health and EDCs
21/10/2014 RES – Save the date! Hormone dependent cancer and EDCs
21/10/2014 AIM – Menno Aarnout joins AIM as new Executive Director
21/10/2014 Initiativ Liewensufank – Petition on TTIP and concerns of consumer protection
20/10/2014 Natural England – Report on health equalities and green spaces
25/09/2014 EFA: 2013 Annual Report
25/09/2014 EHPA – Public statement on the new EU Commissioner for Health and Safety
25/09/2014 WECF - Conference: Breast cancer, women’s reproductive health and EDCs
25/09/2014 EUROPAEM - International Congress
24/07/2014 PAN Europe - Letter to EU Health Commissioner on the herbicide Amitrole
24/07/2014 AIM - Position paper on TTIP
24/07/2014 EPHA – Call on new European Commission president to put people’s needs first
24/07/2014 EFA – Annual General Meeting 2014
24/07/2014 ELF: World Spirometry day
24/07/2014 ERS - Annual Presidential Summit
24/07/2014 WECF - Civil society priorities at UN Environment Assembly
26/06/2014 EFA – Consultation on fragrance allergens
26/06/2014 ELF - Pregant mother’s exposure to air pollution may increase child’s asthma risk
26/06/2014 PAN Europe - Pesticide Chlorpyrifos may exceed safe levels
26/06/2014 Action for Breast Cancer Foundation – Making Malta a GMO free zone
26/06/2014 Appel de la Jeunesse – Success of " Protect your hormones" campaign
26/06/2014 EFA – Patient involvement is key for success of EU innovative research for chronic diseases
26/06/2014 EPHA – Save the date! 5th Annual Conference in Brussels
26/06/2014 ELF and ERS – Healthy Lungs for Life campaign
25/06/2014 EFA – Committee of Regions stakeholder/expert consultation on air quality
14/05/2014 ECSA - Child Product Safety Guide: Potentially Dangerous Products available in several languages
14/05/2014 One Health Sweden – Researchers call for cooperation in One Health
14/05/2014 EFA – AirPROM Annual Meeting in Barcelona
14/05/2014 ELF – Study connects urban living with increased asthma and allergy risk
14/05/2014 Ecobaby Foundation – Perinatal dioxin exposure and Neurodevelopmental Delay in Western Europe
14/05/2014 ERS - From the Museum – a new series in the ERJ
14/05/2014 EPHA – Third European Roma Summit
14/05/2014 Cancer Prevention and Education Society - New report questions validity of EFSA’s approach to analysing safety of BPA
14/05/2014 Vivosano - Course in Environmental Pathology in collaboration with Universidad Complutense de Madrid
11/04/2014 WECF - Dangers of prenatal exposure to harmful chemicals outlined in Dutch Health Council report
11/04/2014 EFA – Personalised approach to severe asthma explained at Innovative Medicines Initiative event
11/04/2014 EPHA – Ball is in Council’s court to end health discrimination
11/04/2014 AIM – The risks for European public policy making and public health after 4th round of TTIP negotiation
11/04/2014 European Child Safety Alliance - Launch of report on national action to address child intentional injury
11/04/2014 National Union of Belgian Mutuals – Call for stories on air pollution and health
11/04/2014 Vivosano – Call for national plan to reduce use of pesticides by 30 percent until 2020
11/04/2014 EPHA – Joint letter on proposed changes to strengthen health dimension of Europe 2020 Strategy
11/04/2014 WECF - EU rules on toys too weak
11/04/2014 EFA – Manifesto for 2014 European Parliament Elections
11/04/2014 Breast Cancer UK - New website launched
11/04/2014 PAN Europe – European Ombudsman condemns EFSA twice for mal-administration
06/03/2014 Breast Cancer UK: Obituary for Clare Dimmer, Chair of Breast Cancer UK
06/03/2014 RES: Third French Cancer Plan: another opportunity loss to tackle environmental causes?
06/03/2014 EPHA: Unified EU Programme to boost children’s fruit, vegetables and milk consumption?
06/03/2014 ABCF: ‘Harnessing action on Cancer as an EU priority’ with EU Commissioner for Health
06/03/2014 PAN Europe: new report on industry lobbing
06/03/2014 Vivosano: Launch of new blog site on EDCs
06/03/2014 Environment and Health Fund: Conference on pesticide use in Israel
06/03/2014 ELF: MPs in the UK in favour of a ban on smoking in cars with children
06/03/2014 EFA: Baltic Alignment Meeting
06/03/2014 Appel de la Jeunesse: Video and actions for young people on EDCs
06/03/2014 Générations Futures: Launch of campaign for 100% organic in local canteens and municipalities
06/02/2014 Appel de la Jeunesse: Join the movement in 2014!
06/02/2014 EFA: Participation at workshop on medical devices
06/02/2014 EPHA: Ireland leads the way in Europe in tackling the tobacco epidemic
06/02/2014 Fundación Vivo Sano: Online petition to ban BPA from food contact materials
06/02/2014 IEW: Outcomes of conference on environmental and social impacts of fossil fuels
06/02/2014 One Health Sweden: The right to safe water and sanitation
06/02/2014 EFA: EU Projects with EFA as a partner to showcase findings at the EP
06/02/2014 Fundación Vivo Sano: Call for protection from potential dangerous effects of electromagnetic fields
06/02/2014 EPHA: Weekly news feed on latest developments of the TTIP
06/02/2014 WECF: Dutch TV Program Zembla on EDCs and their great risk to children
17/12/2013 EPHA: Would the EU-US trade agreement benefit Europe’s public health?
17/12/2013 Hainaut Vigilance Sanitaire: Training and specialisation for health care professionals in environmental and health medicine
17/12/2013 EFA and ECC: World COPD Day 2013 commemorated under the auspices of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU
17/12/2013 ECSA: Launch of a “Child Product Safety Guide: Potentially Dangerous Products”
17/12/2013 C2DS: EMAS guidelines for the Health sector
17/12/2013 EPHA – Workshop co-organised on the public health impact of investor-state dispute settlement
17/12/2013 INCHES: Outcomes of the 7th International conference on children’s health and the environment
27/11/2013 EHF: Annual Conference of the Environment and Health Fund – obesity and diabetes (EHF)
27/11/2013 BCUK: A call for ’Prevention First’ - New Manifesto challenges the Government to stop breast cancer before it starts
27/11/2013 IEW: Conference cycle on health and environment impacts of different fossil fuel energy sources
27/11/2013 EPHA: Mixed victory for tobacco control in EP vote
27/11/2013 EFA: “Meet and Greet the European Union Institutions 2013” Training
27/11/2013 IEW: Publication on NCDs by HEAL and partners announced in French online
27/11/2013 WECF: Five women ministers and WHO call for immediate action to stop mercury pollution and protect health
27/11/2013 EPHA: Guide on the EU and Health 2013
27/11/2013 One Health Sweden: New publication on infectious diseases in a change world, Healthy animals – safe humans
27/11/2013 Générations Futures: Welcomes call on “Zero EDC” Paris
27/11/2013 RES - Co-organises Chemistry and Environmental Health Forum
27/11/2013 WECF: New pocket guide and report on children’s textiles and chemicals
27/11/2013 EFA: Manifesto for the European Parliament Election in May 2014
07/10/2013 AIM: Regret about delay of vote of Tobacco Products Directive in the EP
07/10/2013 ELF: Launch of new website!
07/10/2013 EPHA: Concerns about Health Research Programme 2014-2015
07/10/2013 NVSM: Health care: more than only medicine
07/10/2013 ACBF: Breast cancer awareness seminar in August
07/10/2013 INCHES: Peter van den Hazel book on children’s health
07/10/2013 PAN Europe: Fipronil – European ban on bee-killing insecticides goes on
07/10/2013 Générations Futures reacts to France’s national plan on EDCs
07/10/2013 Alliance for Cancer Prevention: Helen Lynn wins Alan 2013 award
07/10/2013 EFA: Perfumes in public places affect people with allergies, asthma and COPD
07/10/2013 Vivo Sano: Spanish video on EDCs launched
07/10/2013 RES maps chronic disease in “Toxic Planet”
23/07/2013 Action for Breast Cancer Foundation: A warm welcome in Brussels to cyclists raising funds for breast cancer research in Malta
23/07/2013 RES: Chemistry and Environmental Health Forum
23/07/2013 Vivo Sano: National Conference on endocrine disruptors
23/07/2013 PAN Europe: The 8th Edition of Pesticide Action Week was a great success
23/07/2013 EPHA: Invitation to the 4th Annual Conference: Brave New World: Inclusive Growth and Well-Being or Vest Interests and Lost Generations?
23/07/2013 ECSA: 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion
23/07/2013 EFA: Annual General Assembly in Rome, May 2013
23/07/2013 PAN Europe: Challenges EU Commission on bee harming pesticides
23/07/2013 EPHA: Lost opportunity for public health and nutrition in EU farming and rural development policy
23/07/2013 Vivo Sano: Participation at Stakeholder Seminar on Radiofrequency fields and health
23/07/2013 Centre for Sustainable Healthcare: CleanMed Europe conference
23/07/2013 WECF: Project Nesting now on Facebook!
07/06/2013 Générations Futures: Debrief meeting of the collective expertise of INSERM on pesticides
07/06/2013 PAN Europe: Proposal for a new EU Common plant health regime lacks environmental and public health considerations
07/06/2013 Breast Cancer UK: New report gives evidence of the link between Bisphenol A and breast cancer
07/06/2013 WECF: Disappointing results of COP6 in Geneva, not listing chrysotile asbestos
07/06/2013 Inter-Environment Wallonie: Signs open letter for a nanoregister in Belgium
07/06/2013 C2DS: Training sessions on health and sustainable development
07/06/2013 INCHES: 7th International Network on Children’s Health, Environment and Safety Conference, November 2013
07/06/2013 ELF: Consortium member of two EU projects highlighted on World Asthma Day
07/06/2013 EPHA: Brave New World: Inclusive Growth and Well-Being or Vested Interests and Lost Generations?
07/06/2013 WECF: Successful high level conference on integrating chemical safety in Belgrade
10/05/2013 EFA: Call for support for Allergology education on World Asthma Day
10/05/2013 EPHA: Briefing on health in Europe 2020
10/05/2013 ELF: New research on effects of ozone on the fatty lining of the lungs
10/05/2013 WECF: Strengthen chemical and product safety in the Western Balkans
10/05/2013 Vivosano: Voting recommendations on 7th EAP sent to Spanish MEPs
10/05/2013 Générations Futures: French government ‘ignoring advice on pesticides’
10/05/2013 RES: The role of EDCs in the rise of chronic diseases
10/05/2013 European Child Safety Alliance: Children and Household Chemicals
10/05/2013 INCHES: 7th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment
10/05/2013 Action for Breast Cancer Foundation: Malta Airport ALIVE 2013 Cycling Challenge for Cancer
10/05/2013 Vivosano: International Noise Awareness Day
10/05/2013 EPHA: A call to action: Health, civil society and the reform of economic governance
11/04/2013 EPHA: Secretary General participates in high-level OECD workshop on "Defining and Measuring Inclusive Growth"
11/04/2013 WECF: Participating in EP debate on the positive relations of gender sensitive and environmental policies
11/04/2013 Générations Futures: Launch of an Elected Committee for Alternatives to Pesticides
11/04/2013 ELF and ERS: Road traffic pollution as serious as passive smoke in the development of childhood asthma
11/04/2013 CPES: Participant at EFSA stakeholder forum on EDCs
11/04/2013 One Health Sweden: How to fight microorganisms – a biocide conference in Uppsala, April 10th 2013
11/04/2013 EFA: Report on the EP event "Indoor air quality and health-based ventilation guidelines’’
11/04/2013 WECF: More than 30,000 signatures to ‘Stop EDCs in toys’
11/04/2013 EPHA: Secretary General Monika Kosinska becomes member of the Stoiber Group
11/04/2013 RES: French Agency releases new BPA assessment
11/04/2013 ISDE Austria: European Citizen´s Initiative "30kmh – making streets liveable!"
11/04/2013 C2DS: Promotion of ANSES´s Scientific Conferences – PNR EST Review: Environmental pollution, health impact and environmental contaminants: air and water
11/04/2013 IEE: Now known as One Health Sweden
14/03/2013 EPHA: EP backs tobacco subsidies & votes on CAP unfriendly to public health
14/03/2013 WECF: Information guide on EDCs
14/03/2013 C2DS: National energy debate in France
14/03/2013 IEE Sweden: Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2013 - ´A World United Against Infectious Diseases: Cross-Sectoral Solutions’
14/03/2013 ELF: Quarterly factsheets published on work-related lung diseases
14/03/2013 CPES: When will we see better UK water quality?
14/03/2013 RES: Call on French government to give National Strategy on EDCs clear objectives for industry and business
14/03/2013 EPHA and LSHTM: Preventing global non-communicable diseases through low carbon development conference
14/03/2013 Générations Futures: The APAChe investigation: Analysis of agricultural pesticide presence in hair
14/03/2013 Vivosano: Campaign launch on the banning of Bisphenol A in food contact material in Spain
14/03/2013 IDEA and WECF: Women´s Major Group intervention on chemicals at UNEP Governing Council
07/02/2013 WECF: Toxic free gifts for Dutch parliamentarians
07/02/2013 WECF and PAN: Up to 30 different endocrine disrupting pesticides found in fruit and vegetables in the EU
07/02/2013 IPEN – Mercury monitoring: Global mercury hotspots report
07/02/2013 RES: Harmful effect of bisphenol A (BPA) shown experimentally
07/02/2013 Appel de la Jeunesse: Conference on the impact of our environment on our health – EDCs
07/02/2013 EPHA hosts conference on tackling health inequalities through investing in housing
07/02/2013 AWHHE: "Safe Toys For Our Children"
11/12/2012 A new French authority to protect whistle-blowers and strengthen the ethics of scientific expertise by RES
11/12/2012 False alarms or missed hazards: How should regulators define “endocrine disruptor”? by CPES
11/12/2012 ECSA highlights connection between poverty and Child Injury at EPHA event
11/12/2012 How EFSA can prepare itself for the challenges of tomorrow by CPES
11/12/2012 Chair of Breast Cancer UK shortlisted for prestigious award
11/12/2012 Help make BPA a thing of the past by signing the petition by Breast Cancer UK
11/12/2012 Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative: Water and sanitation are a human right by EPHA
11/12/2012 A generation of guinea pigs, no thanks! by Collectif Appel de la Jeunesse
11/12/2012 French Parliament follows the road towards BPA-and EDCs-free products by RES
11/12/2012 From science to policy – Fifth annual conference of the Environment and Health Fund (EHF)
11/12/2012 Economic policies must address the real impact of crisis on people living in Europe by EPHA
11/12/2012 “In small print”, a new documentary on endocrine disruptors by the Vivosano Foundation
09/10/2012 WECF France: Endocrine disruptors: Threat to women’s health
09/10/2012 RES: French environment discussion brings disappointment
09/10/2012 CPES: Regulatory challenges presented by endocrine disruptors
09/10/2012 PIN for Health opens a Centre for Rural Health in Croatia
09/10/2012 Malta’s ABCF organises “Walk for Life”
09/10/2012 IEE event on preventing antibiotic resistance
09/10/2012 Breast Cancer UK to re-launch ‘No more BPA’ campaign
09/10/2012 C2DS calls for an energy efficiency fund in France
09/10/2012 Vivo Sano raises awareness on emerging diseases
09/10/2012 EPHA criticises unchecked influence of big business in Brussels
06/09/2012 Fundacion Vivo sano : Spanish survey on consumer perceptions around chemicals and health
05/09/2012 ELF: New study shows exposure to common toxic substances could increase asthma symptoms
05/09/2012 C2DS Guideline “Better Practices, Guideline for the Health Sector”
05/09/2012 EPHA position on the European Commission’s 7th Environment Action Programme
05/09/2012 Malta Health Network & EPHA present «A taste of Europe: Introducing EU Health policy and how civil society can advocate for better health at EU level»
05/09/2012 PAN Europe publishes new report on the derogations of illegal pesticides granted by EU MS
05/09/2012 EFA event at the European Parliament "May Contain/Contains - Food Allergen Labelling"
09/07/2012 ISDE, IDEA: Statement on Electromagnetic [radio frequency] Radiation [EMR] and Health Risks
09/07/2012 C2DS: Guides on Sustainable development and better practice in healthcare
09/07/2012 EPHA: MEPs lead urgent plea from health community to prevent health crisis in Europe
09/07/2012 RES: Video on Pthalates’ Symposium now available
09/07/2012 PAN Europe: Conflicts of interest still evident on new ESFA expert panels
09/07/2012 RES: Congratulations to BPA researchers
09/07/2012 IDEA: Disappointment on Rio+20 outcomes
09/07/2012 RES: New French policy on Dental mercury
09/07/2012 GF: Concerns about France’s increased pesticides use
09/07/2012 EFA: patients’ perspective on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and its link to energy efficiency
06/07/2012 “Women for Green Way for Generations”: climate change electronic newsletter
02/07/2012 ECSA launches Child Safety Report Cards: How much progress?
20/06/2012 CPES: Opportunities for cancer prevention discussed
20/06/2012 EPHA: Policy-makers and civil society warned about the risks of neglecting public health in times of austerity
20/06/2012 PAN Europe: Criteria for Endocrine disrupting pesticides in food
20/06/2012 WEN: Seeing Red for Sanitary Protection and the Environment
20/06/2012 VIVO SANO presents action plan on public health and the environment
20/06/2012 LLM: Environment is also important for the mutual benefit societies
20/06/2012 Department of Clinical Microbiology: Biocide developments in Sweden
20/06/2012 Pan Europe appeal sets off ’historic’ court ruling
10/05/2012 EPHA responds to consultation on sustainability
10/05/2012 Petition for Breast Care Unit in Malta
10/05/2012 Procedure leaves gates open for banned pesticides
10/05/2012 EU reapproves controversial soil fumigant
10/05/2012 Follow up on ‘One Health Sustainable Health’
10/05/2012 WECF call for applicants to Rio+20 Good Practice Award
10/05/2012 World Environment Day: Talking Health!
06/04/2012 RES gains official support for ban on dry cleaning chemical
06/04/2012 Alliance for Cancer Prevention responds to “Unpinking cancer”
06/04/2012 EPHA Statement on the World Water Day 2012: “Access to water and sanitation is a human right, not an ordinary commodity”
06/04/2012 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine hosts a webinar on Biodiversity, Health & Equity in London on 20 April
06/04/2012 Fundacion Vivo Sano shares contribution to the Pesticide Action Week
06/04/2012 PAN-Europe makes urgent request for crop rotation
06/04/2012 European Child Safety Alliance’s Israel partner receives government endorsement
16/03/2012 RES: Acting against endocrine disrupters: A path to explore urgently for the prevention of obesity and diabetes (ECOD Report)
08/03/2012 CIEH issues recommendations on fracking
08/03/2012 French health & environment question EFSA BPA decision
08/03/2012 Fundacion Vivo Sano announces Congress on Risks for Public Health & the Environment
08/03/2012 C2DS raises alarm about nano forms of titanium dioxide
08/03/2012 WECF studies toxicity in children’s toys
08/03/2012 Perchloroethylene called a carcinogen in the city
08/03/2012 EFA Call to Action on Respiratory Allergies
08/03/2012 AWHHE research reveals pesticide contamination in Armenia
08/03/2012 Générations Futures bring political attention to “Phyto-Victimes”
28/02/2012 GF: Farmers: victims of pesticides - A hidden health scandal
31/01/2012 RES: Film recommendation: “The nine months that made you”
31/01/2012 PAN Europe reports on EFSA
31/01/2012 Natural England provides joint methodology on health economic assessment tools for walking and for cycling
31/01/2012 WECF warns women and children at greater risk of leukaemia if in vicinity of nuclear power plants
31/01/2012 EPHA Briefing on EU Policies and their iImpact on Children’s Health
15/12/2011 PAN Europe: new report on derogation for soil fumigation: Metam
15/12/2011 INCHES: 3rd International Conference highlights urgency to protect children’s health from environmental threats
15/12/2011 EFA launches call to action on respiratory allergies
15/12/2011 Réseau Environnement Santé (RES) launches "Taste a better world"
15/12/2011 ELF’s lung testing campaign highlights importance of clean air
10/11/2011 EPHA event: Public health advocacy and capacity in Poland, 12-13 December, Warsaw
10/11/2011 Leading pesticide researcher receives prestigious award from ESPE
10/11/2011 ARTAC & ISDE run environmental health training for doctors in France
10/11/2011 IEE political action on sustainable health: Nordic cooperation launches “One Health from a Nordic perspective”
10/11/2011 RES highlights campaign to ban dental amalgams
10/11/2011 WECF invitation to take part in testing children toys for dangerous substances
10/11/2011 Centre for Sustainable Healthcare UK tree planting project to raise awareness in healthcare
10/11/2011 EFA pushes for EU funded Surveillance Network on allergies and asthma
10/11/2011 European Child Safety Alliance wins Gastein Award
19/10/2011 IPEN Co-Chair Olga Speranskaya interviewed on Voice of Russia
19/10/2011 Walk for Life: Malta raises Breast Cancer Awareness
19/10/2011 CHE pamphlet on obesogens
19/10/2011 Sandra Steingraber Wins Heinz Award
19/10/2011 AIM Invitation - International Conference on "Development of healthcare systems and challenges for long-term care: the mutual benefit societies’ point of view,” 14 Nov - Paris
19/10/2011 Ribbon of Hope / Ruban de l’Espoir 2011
19/10/2011 Bisphenol A: French efforts should serve Europe!
19/10/2011 IDEA takes HEAL to Durban and Kenya
22/06/2011 Health insurance group takes up environmental health
21/06/2011 Women in Europe for a Common Future celebrates 15th anniversary
07/05/2011 World Health Assembly adopts resolution targeted at saving the lives of children from injury
07/05/2011 PAN Europe warns: UK and Germany lobby against controls on dangerous pesticides
19/04/2011 Say “no thanks!” to the guinea pig generation
19/04/2011 Council of Europe: Report on health hazards of mercury and dental amalgams adopted
06/04/2011 Collectif Appel de la jeunesse (A2J)
19/03/2011 Improving children’s health in Italy
19/03/2011 Hand over of European Charter for Health Equity to EU Commissioner
19/03/2011 Calling for pesticide-free public spaces in Luxembourg
19/02/2011 Hope for allergy sufferers as a new research programme begins
07/01/2011 One Health Congress: Human Health, Animal Health, the Environment and Global Survival
07/01/2011 French supermarket removes toxic chemical, Bisphenol A, from sales receipts
07/01/2011 Joint call for tap water temperature limits to reduce the number of severe scalds to children
08/06/2010 PAN Europe launch guide to sustainable pesticide use
08/06/2010 Health community call on governments to acknowledge environmental causation of chronic illnesses
08/06/2010 NGO disappointed as French government report ignores recommendations on the dangers of pesticides
08/03/2010 Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
08/03/2010 Promoting green health care
08/02/2010 New project promoting children’s environment and health
08/02/2010 New coalition created for safer toys
08/02/2010 New child injury fact sheets
08/12/2009 Preventing Obesity in Europe- EUROPREVOB Project
08/12/2009 No More BPA Campaign launched in UK and France
08/12/2009 No More BPA Campaign launched in UK and France
08/12/2009 HEAL welcomes three new members
08/12/2009 Ireland hosts 19 countries for discussions on Child Safety Action Plans in Europe
08/12/2009 Book: Paediatric evidence in environment and health
10/11/2009 Tackling inequalities in home safety
10/11/2009 Report - Improving school sanitation in a sustainable way
10/11/2009 Report - Many cancers linked to environmental factors
10/11/2009 Letters sent to EU Environmental Ministries asking for tighter control over chemicals
10/09/2009 Test your nest: New kit to test air quality in your home
10/09/2009 Short film on EDCs and breast cancer
10/09/2009 Research: key mechanisms of pesticide-induced cancer
10/09/2009 International Conference on Children’s Environment and Health - Call for abstracts and registration
10/09/2009 Guidance: sustainable and safe school sanitation
10/08/2009 New research on environmental justice in Roma communities
10/08/2009 HEAL Secretariat News July - August 2009
10/08/2009 HEAL and MDRGF launch new network for health risks from pesticides exposures
10/08/2009 Call for global action on Chronic Respiratory Disease
10/08/2009 The Natural Health Service: a new campaign for healthier lifestyles
05/01/2009 Initiativ Liewesufank reports on WHA executive board meeting
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