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Voices of victims of Pesticides website launched

HEAL joined a coalition of national and European NGOs to bring together the voices of victims of pesticides. A new website dedicated to tell their stories was launched by PAN Europe on the first day of Pesticide Action Week 2015.

Pesticides are found everywhere - in food, drinking water, in the air, soil and even in our blood. Diseases and health problems related to pesticide exposure are increasing, and pesticides impact biodiversity.

Across the world, citizens in rural and urban areas are growing more concerned about the impact of pesticides on their health and the environment. HEAL member Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN-E) has received many stories from citizens expressing their concern about pesticide use, be it in their towns, in relation to playgrounds, sports fields, public gardens, or on agricultural land where farmers are concerned about having to use or be in contact with pesticides during the course of their work.

As many of these stories largely go unheard, PAN-E with partner organisations including HEAL decided to launch the ‘Voice of Pesticides’ website. The website showcases some of the work done previously with Generations Futures, including compelling video testimonies of French farmers from the Phyto Victimes network. The website aim’s to help ensure that victims of pesticides are no longer ignored, and provides a central space to share stories. The website is available at

Individuals are encouraged to share their stories. Victims of pesticides should be heard and their stories may be an opportunity to help stop, or at least reduce, the use of pesticides in Europe and beyond.

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Originally posted on 9 April 2015

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