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Turkey: Health evidence contributes to preventing new coal plant

HEAL in Turkey recently participated in an event with the Adana Chamber of Medicine, Adana Legal Bar and Chamber of Agriculture Engineers to discuss legal action against the building of seven coal plants in this south-eastern region of Turkey.

The Cukuorova region covers the provinces of Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye and Hatay and is one of main agricultural hubs of Turkey where six million people live. Their health and well-being is threatened by 16 planned new coal power plants. The pollution from these plants would add to the existing burden of disease from heavy industrial activity and from the four thermal power plants already operating in the region.

The meeting built on the evidence and information that HEAL has brought together in a toolkit on coal power generation and health in Iskenderun Bay, which was published in February 2016. The aim of the toolkit is to support local health professionals and community groups engaged in initiatives to prevent new coal power plants from being built.

On 20 June, HEAL in Turkey participated in an event with the Adana Chamber of Medicine, Adana Legal Bar and Chamber of Agriculture Engineers to examine the state of play on the permitting of seven coal plants in the Iskenderun Bay and Cukurova region. The seven plants include Selena CPP, 800 MW, licenced, Hakan CPP, 100 MW, licences, Atakas CPP, 660 MW, pre-licensed, Sanko CPP 800 MW, licensed and Enba CPP in Yumurtalık region and Hakan CPP, 100 MW, licensed in Iskenderun region.

In addition to discussing legal action, participants in the meeting also sent out a press release highlighting the health and climate risk as a result of coal power plants. The President of the Adana Chamber of Medicine, Ali İhsan Ökten, was concerned that as a result of increased air and environmental pollution, the number of cases of cancer were becoming widespread, even in groups such as new-borns and children.

Meeting in Adana on the threat of 7 new coal plants. Photo credit: Abdullah Yangin, Adana Legal Bar, Press Consultant.

Last updated on 30 June 2016

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