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Save the date: Pesticide Action Week 2017

As Spring approaches, the 12th edition Pesticide Action week to which HEAL is a partner, will take place from 20 – 30 March 2017. This annual and international event aims to promote alternatives to pesticides to improve the environment and health.

After a great edition of Pesticide Action Week last year which focused specifically on health, the 12th edition is back in March 2017.

Let’s show the world the existing alternatives!

Pesticide action week 2017 will take place in more than 10 different countries across Europe and beyond (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Malta, Serbia, UK, Senegal, Argentine, Mauritius Island, Canada…). These ten days of actions aim to show the general public that there are alternatives to pesticides and they should be used in order to protect our health and environment. Pesticide Action Week is coordinated and organised by HEAL member Generations Futures in France.

2016 was a year dedicated to the impacts of pesticides on our health. This year Pesticide Action Week does not have a specific subject (due to French presidential elections around the same time), so instead it will focus on highlighting alternatives to pesticides how they are viable for a healthy future! In France, there will be lots of events and animations to the world that is possible to live and work without chemicals, starting with pesticide free towns and organic canteens.

Since the 1st January, French towns are forbidden to use pesticides in public spaces. On one hand, as many towns still use them, now is the chance to build pressure and raise awareness for them to change their practices. On the other hand, it is also the opportuntity to praise French towns that have good pesticide free and promote them as good examples. A documentary about these towns called "Zéro phyto 100%bio" will preview every day during the Pesticide Action Week all around France. The official release in cinemas will be in November. This new documentary will be a precious tool to show that is it possible and necessary to use alternatives to pesticides and to promote organic farming in order to protect our health and environment. This pesticide free town campaign also has a European side with PAN Europe and PAN UK also working on this issue.

Awareness raising and competitions!

In 2017 as Pesticide Action Week also wants to raise awareness among young people, there will be a drawing contest for classes (students from 2 to 8 years old) on the theme: My natural garden. Each participating class will send one drawing that they have made together and the best ones will win some organic seeds to plant! This is a good example of a project that could be reproduced in your country!

Last but not least, we will also launch a closing ceremony in Paris to make an assessment of our presidential candidates’ programs regarding agriculture and health and environment. In other countries, there will be various activities: the drawing contest will be reproduced in Mauritius Island, Spain will work on the European Citizen Initiative (ECI) on glyphosate, Belgium will hold a whole spring without pesticide running from March to June and other countries will have conferences, film-showing and workshops.

Spread the call for participation around and join us!

If you are interested to join, participate and/or relay in order to take part to this worldwide movement, do not hesitate to go on and to contact

The call for participation to the 12th edition is available online which you can download it here. Please send it to all your contacts so that as many organisations can join for a wider international movement for a pesticide free future. If you and/or your organisation want to join and organise some event(s) do not hesitate to contact Sophie, our campaigner:

Communication tools and further information

We will soon start working on the new visual for the 2017 poster but you can already get the logo here as it will not change for the 2017 edition. You can of course visit the website which is updated step by step and will be ready - and renew - for the beginning of 2017. You can already look it up and try to find some new ideas for your events. Other communications and tools will be available in the coming months.

What happened during the 2016 edition?

In 2016, the 11th edition of Pesticide Action week to focused specifically on health and pesticide free towns. Biodiversity, natural gardening, organic food, and agricultural techniques were highlighted but the main focus was on the impacts of pesticides on health and promoting alternatives. More information available here.

Last updated on 24 February 2017

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