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Launch of HEAL in Poland website

HEAL has launched a Polish website providing basic information on air pollution and the health effects, health community activities in Poland and solutions for everyone to work towards better air quality.

<img1518> Every year around 45,000 Poles die prematurely due to air pollution. What is more, around 97 percent of people in Polish cities breathe in air that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers harmful to health. There is no doubt that air pollution results in numerous threats for public health, causing a wide range of diseases and premature deaths.

Over the past year, HEAL in Poland has undertaken various activities at national level to improve air quality, both through concrete actions on the legislative regulations to provide better air for people living in Poland, and raising awareness in the health and medical sector and for the wider public on air pollution and its dangerous health effects.

As a continuation of these activities, HEAL in Poland has launched a new website available here

The website allows you to find very recent updates on HEAL activities in Poland. In the news section (aktualności) you will find various articles on the events organised by HEAL, including webinars, meeting and conferences, as well as open letters and position papers calling on decision-makers to strengthen their work on improving air quality in Poland.

In the sections air pollution and health (Zanieczyszczenie powietrza a zdrowie), coal power plants (elektrownie węglowe) and what we can do (co możemy zrobić) you can find background data on the air pollution problem in Poland, with a special focus on pollution caused by large power plant combustion and its emissions, as well as some particular solutions and tips that everyone can undertake to contribute to better air quality in their neighbourhood, or by influencing local authorities.

The website is also a source of information for those who would like to know more about HEAL’s activities at national and European level and how to become a member.

The media section is regularly updated and includes media coverage of activities by HEAL in Poland and how air pollution issues are treated by the Polish media. You can also download publications related to air quality and health in Poland and the EU, available in both in Polish and English (publikacje/do pobrania - publications / download) section. You can also find links to the HEAL in Poland social media pages include Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo.

Last updated on 18 December 2014

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