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HEAL on the road to COP21

As momentum is gathering for the international climate negotiations in Paris this December, HEAL is engaging the health community to put pressure on governments ahead of this important milestone.

With a series of webinars, toolkits and events over the coming months, HEAL will raise awareness about the health impacts of climate change and the co-benefits of mitigation measures, and encourage health professionals and medical organisations to take the initiative in championing the cause of climate change and health.

In order to reach a maximum audience, the webinars will be given in several languages, featuring high-level speakers. They will be focused and informative, highlighting one issue around climate change and health in around 30 minutes. Further information on the webinars, including topics, speakers, and dates, will shortly be available on a dedicated section on HEAL’s website.

HEAL will be involved in a number of high-level events and summits, debating with policy-makers and national and international actors involved in climate policy. HEAL’s Executive Director Génon K. Jensen will be on the panel of a colloquium taking place in June and organised by the French Ministry for Health, entitled “Health, Environment, Inequalities: What Solutions?”, while Deputy Director Anne Stauffer will be speaking at Planet workshop’s Global Conference in the session “Climate change and human health: main evolutions, perception of the risks and determiners of health behaviours.”

HEAL’s activities come at a time where some positive signs are pointing towards a decarbonised, cleaner and healthier future. As the Vatican has elevated climate action to a moral imperative this month, calls for divestment from fossil fuels with a strong health contingency led by the British Medical Association and other UK medical groups are getting louder, and several governments are asking for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. However, as government’s offers of their country’s contribution to emission reductions, the so-called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) are being published, it becomes clear that the current level of ambition is not adequate to face the challenges climate change is posing. Studies show that the earlier we start cutting emissions, the higher the positive effects on our health will be. Therefore, HEAL is pushing for an ambitious, clear and binding international agreement in Paris.

More information

COP delegations: Since 2009, HEAL has regularly sent delegations to the COP negotiations, flagging up the issue of climate change and health and helping to frame climate mitigation policies through the language of health co-benefits. To find out more about being part of our COP21 health delegation, please contact us.

Listen to a recording “Climate Change and Health: What’s New and What To Do?” which features Dr Andy Haines, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Dr John Balbus from the US NIEH, and HEAL’s Executive Director Génon K. Jensen who is Coordinator of Collaborative on Health and the Environment’s Asthma and the Environment and Climate Change Working Groups.

HEAL is a member of the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA), the WHO European region’s Health in Climate (HIC) Task Force, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Health Task Force, a partner of the Healthy Energy Initiative and coordinator of the CHE Climate Change and health working group

Last updated on 8 May 2015

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