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HEAL announces entries for “Health and Environment Film Prize”

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Brussels, 28 January 2013 – The five documentaries selected for the ‘Health and Environment Film Prize’ competition have been announced by the 30th International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE). (1)

The films were selected by the festival organisers and will be shown as part of the official programme in Paris from 19-26 February 2013. (2) They will be judged in the health and environment documentary competition, a joint initiative between the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and FIFE aimed at highlighting the links between health and our environment in documentary films from around the world.

Subjects addressed in the five selected films are: exposure to everyday chemicals; human sensitivity to electromagnetic fields; the harmful side-effects of “carbon credit” projects in poorer countries; the losses to health and well-being from large-scale; genetically-modified agriculture in Argentina; and, the threat to all aspects of health posed by losing traditional rights to land in Australia.

For more information on the prize and the campaigns of our members related to the topics at the festival please click here (brochure in FR)

The films are listed below. (3)

Health & Environment documentaries

Click here to view the trailers

Unacceptable levels, Ed Brown, USA, 2012 (in English, French subtitles)

Exposed constantly to over 80,000 chemicals in products all around us, our bodies contain about 200 synthetic industrial compounds that are interacting in our cells.

Les Sacrifiés des ondes, Jean-Yves Bilien, France, 2012 (in French)

All of us are made up of sensitive electrons. We are all sensitive to electromagnetic waves in our environment.

Heritage Fight: le combat pour demain, Eugénie Dumont, France, 2011/2012 (in English, French subtitles)

In one of the few remaining untouched areas of Australia, the little village of Broome is fighting against the installation of the second largest gas plant on the planet.

Pour un lopin de terre, Maria von Munster & Cyril Crusson, France, 2011 (in Spanish, French subtitles)

What are the consequences for the land and for the inhabitants in Argentina of a massive cultivation of genetically-modified soya?

La Ruée vers le carbone, Amy Miller & Anne Miller, Canada, 2012 (in French)

What is a “Carbon credit”? What happens when the markets are called upon to sort out the climate crisis? Who gains and who suffers? The directors of four of the five films will be in Paris for the festival screenings. The winner will be awarded with the HEAL/FIFE trophy at a ceremony on 26 February.

Judges in the Health & Environment Film Prize competition

The members of the jury who were chosen by HEAL are Sylvie Gilman, television documentary film director; Robert Barouki, a leading research scientist at Inserm, Paris; Sylvia Medina, an expert in air quality and public health; Yannick Vicaire, Reseau Environnement Sante (RES) and Nadine Lauvergat, Generations Futures representing two leading not-for-profit organisations addressing health and environment in France; Sascha Gabizon, representing Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) and Monika Kosinska of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), the largest network of non-governmental organisations working on health in Europe. (4)


Diana Smith, Communications, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), E-mail: Tel: +33 1 55 25 25 84, Mob: +33 6 33 04 2943


  • 30th International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) website at
  • The programme, “Premiere” features the five health and environment documentaries on page 7 (FR)
  • Screening dates, times and trailers of the documentaries are available here
  • More details about the judges in the Health and Environment Film Prize jury are available here.

Last updated on 26 February 2013

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