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31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE)

The official programme for FIFE which takes place from 4 - 11 February 2014 in Paris, is now available here and online here (see “Infos pratiques”)

The festival will again feature a ’health and environment’ theme this year. In partnership with the organisers, HEAL will be hosting two debates linked to three films - addressing how the environment affects our health - that have been selected for this year’s festival.

The “Health and environment” programme within the festival takes place on Friday, 7 February (including the debates) and Saturday, 8 February 2014 at Cinema des Cineastes, 7 ave de Clichy, 75017 Paris.

We do hope you can join us, especially on Friday 7 February when the debates will take place. Below you will find full information on the films and events.

“Health and environment” films and discussions at FIFE 20

Film: Cette Couleur qui me dérange (This colour that bothers me)
Khardiata Pouye, Sénégal • 2012 • 26 minutes (sub-titled in French)
Friday 7 February: 13.45, Salle 2

Au Sénégal, de nombreuses femmes se dépigmentent pour avoir une peau plus claire, sans mesurer les conséquences de cet acte sur leur santé./ In Senegal, many women use cosmetics to give themselves a lighter skin colouring – without taking into account the consequences for their health.

You can watch the trailer here:


Cosmetics and health/cosmétiques et santé – A discussion about the health problems linked to cosmetics and the demands women face created by beauty industry today / Une rencontre sur les problèmes sanitaires liés aux cosmétiques et aux diktats actuels en matière de beauté.

With/avec: Anne Barre (Women in Europe for a Common Future); Genon K. Jensen (HEAL); Claudine Reinhard (Wala France - Dr. Hauschka); and Carole Tawema (Karethic).

Film: In Small Print (La letra pequeña)
Nadia El Bennich Spain • 2012/2013 • 75 minutes (subtitled in French)
Friday 7: 12.15, Salle 2. Saturday 8: 10.00, Salle 3. A third screening will take place at 20.00 at Halle Pajol cinema, 75018.

There is something invisible in our food, cosmetics or toys of our children, whose impact on our health can be serious / Il y a quelque chose d’invisible dans notre nourriture, nos cosmétiques ou les jouets de nos enfants, dont l’impact sur notre santé peut être grave.

You can watch the trailer here:


What should we be doing about the presence of toxic chemicals in everyday life? A session aimed understanding and addressing the issues with the help of scientists and specialists. / Que faire face à la présence de produits chimiques nocifs dans notre quotidien ? Pour mieux appréhender les réalités de ces enjeux avec des scientifiques et spécialistes et trouver des pistes pour sortir de cette situation.

With/avec Genon K. Jensen (HEAL), Dr. Nicola Olea, University of Grenada (Université de Grenade), and/et Nadia Bennich, film director/réalisateur.

Film: The Human Experiment
Don Hardy & Dana Nachman USA • 2013 • 52 minutes (subtitled in French) - This film features Sean Penn
Friday 7: 10.15, Salle 2. Saturday 8: 12.30, Salle 3

In everyday life, we increasingly exposed to chemical pollution - but the high economic stakes make the battle against industry an equal one. / Au quotidien, nous sommes de plus en plus exposés aux pollutions chimiques, mais l’ampleur des enjeux économiques rend le combat contre les industriels inégal.

You can watch the trailer here (in English only):

Debate/rencontre - Friday 7: 15.30, Salle 2

How to deal with the presence of harmful chemicals in our daily lives? To better understand the realities of these issues with scientists and specialists and find ways to overcome this situation. Que faire face à la présence de produits chimiques nocifs dans notre quotidien ? Pour mieux appréhender les réalités de ces enjeux avec des scientifiques et spécialistes et trouver des pistes pour sortir de cette situation.

With/avec Genon with K. Jensen ( HEAL) and Dr. Nicola Olea, University of Granada (Université de Grenade).


Diana Smith, Communications, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), E-mail:, Tel: +33 1 55 25 25 84, Mob: +33 6 33 04 2943

More information

31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) website at

The International Environmental Film Festival is a key event in creating a bridge between film and environmental and social issues. Following the “Health and Environment Film Award” last year, the festival has already become an important meeting point for those interested in films focusing on health and the environment.

The festival attracts a huge audience (more than 14,000 people in 2013), including those interested in environmental issues from all walks of life, film makers, film festival organisers and representatives of the Paris-region authorities, Ile-de-France, which funds the festival. The film which won the “Health and Environment Film Prize” last year, entitled “Unacceptable levels”, has been shown in 17 international film festivals since then. In the US, its screening in different capitals, including Washington DC, is causing waves at the highest political levels.

The FIFE film festival attracts extensive media coverage in France and internationally. This year, thanks to the “Health and Environment Documentaries” programme and panel discussions, we can expect a special high profile for human health aspects of environmental issues and some lively debates.

More information on the 30th FIFE film festival in 2013 available here

Updated 17 January 2014

Originally posted on 20 January 2014

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