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31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE)

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) is co-hosting a “Health and Environment Documentaries” programme and debates as part of the 31st FIFE film festival in Paris from 4 to 11 February 2014 (

Last year, animated discussions between directors and the large audiences followed each of 10 “Santé et environnement” film screenings. Building on this enthusiasm, HEAL and film organisers FIFE have decided to create expert panels this year to respond to unanswered questions. These discussions will feature the film director, relevant scientific experts, and those affected by the theme highlighted in the film.

The International Environmental Film Festival is a key event in creating a bridge between film and environmental and social issues. Following the “Health and Environment Film Award” last year, the festival has already become an important meeting point for those interested in films focusing on health and the environment.

The festival attracts a huge audience (more than 14,000 people in 2013), including those interested in environmental issues from all walks of life, film makers, film festival organisers and representatives of the Paris-region authorities, Ile-de-France, which funds the festival. The film which won the “Health and Environment Film Prize” last year, entitled “Unacceptable levels”, has been shown in 17 international film festivals since then. In the US, its screening in different capitals, including Washington DC, is causing waves at the highest political levels.

The FIFE film festival attracts extensive media coverage in France and internationally. This year, thanks to the “Health and Environment Documentaries” programme and panel discussions, we can expect a special high profile for human health aspects of environmental issues and some lively debates.

We hope you will put the dates of the festival in your diary (4-11 February 2014). As soon as the selection of the films has been made, we’ll feature them online on HEAL’s website.


Diana Smith, Communications, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), E-mail: Tel: +33 1 55 25 25 84, Mob: +33 6 33 04 2943

More information

31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) website at

More information on the 30th FIFE film festival earlier this year available here

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