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Clean Air Action Group (Levegö Munkacsoport Országos Környezetvédö Szövetség)

Clean Air Action Group is a public benefit organization which is a legal entity. The Clean Air Action Group is a politically neutral organization without any party affiliation. It is independent of political parties, and it does not support financially nor does it receive any financial support from any political party.

Aims of the Clean Air Action Group

  • The Clean Air Action Group works to implement the principle that the most fundamental human right is the right to live and to be healthy, and all other human rights can only be put into effect with full respect of this basic human right.
  • With the condition described in the first point the Clean Air Action Group supports efforts that aim at keeping the impact of human activities within the limits of nature’s capacity or at diminishing the impacts of human activities to these limits.
  • The Clean Air Action Group helps to maintain or reestablish a healthy environment for people in built-up areas including the interior parts of buildings.
  • The Clean Air Action Group is especially interested in helping to put into practice “the polluter pays” principle, that is to make the users pay for the use of nature and the damages they cause to the environment and for the costs of preventing these damages and for re-establishing the environment to a good condition.
  • The Clean Air Action Group is active in reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources and other natural resources. At the same time it supports activities that can be improved without using non-renewable resources in great quantities or without causing enormous damage to the environment, and at the same time improve human society, that is culture, arts, education, healthcare, scientific research and any other form of social activity for the betterment of living conditions in society.
  • The Clean Air Action Group does its best to increase public participation in the field of environmental protection, to improve the direct forms of strengthening democracy and to increase the spread of information and public access to information.
  • The Clean Air Action Group primarily works for making the state budget and transport policy and regional policy and energy policy of Hungary more environment-friendly and for protecting and increasing the territory of green areas in settlements.
  • The Clean Air Action Group promotes the socialization of consumer protection and the creation of conscious consumer behavior in the society.

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Contact details

Mr Andras Lucacs
Kàroly körút 3/a
HU - 1075 Budapest

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